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Turning Gourmet Coffee
into Wagyu Beef & Chai Latte

When the show is over it’s time for “swaps”. 

Captain CoffeeIn our sister company, Captain Coffee, we eye off exhibitors that have something we’d particularly like to “swap” our spare coffee for & when the show closes – “swap time, big time”!

While it works really well at food shows, there are valuable aspects that exhibitors can use at ANY show.  It’s sort of like wringing the very last results from the show. That last vestige can be very sweet & very good for business.

It’s so valuable to us that we ensure that we have spare product left over just to swap!

At our last show we happily walked away with amazing Wagyu beef, non-alcoholic ginger wine, marvelously alcoholic red wine, Chai latte, Indian spices, rejuvenating face & body oils, food coating spices, dukkah mixes, lime products, honey & more. 

Pretty yummy really - yet the business benefits are even yummier & just beginning to happen!

For Captain Coffee “swaps” gets our coffee into the hands of real “foodies” that appreciate Captain Coffee’s quality & have industry connections that can result in sales opportunities. “Word-of-mouth” recommendation from respected sources is the BEST promotion possible & “swaps” sparks that off very well indeed. 

Using swaps, Captain Coffee located a new line to sell – Bondi Chai – with many implications beyond pure sales. The deal is signed & stock arrives today!

“Swaps” is a great reward for staff too. It’s both exciting, sociable so you just might let THEM do “swaps” for things that they’d like as a reward for their hard work!  And while they’re out there “swapping” they can be creating valuable personal links that can return to your business. That’s how we got the Bondi Chai distributorship!

“Swaps” does NOT need to be just for product! At the show, two competitive coffee companies were located nearby.  Captain Coffee didn’t offer “free samples” preferring a different promotional model. While there were significant advantages some felt that “sampling” was imperative but we thought differently. One of our competitors sampled one style of coffee while the other sampled another style. Of the three styles, what worked best?

We arranged to swap results of number of leads gathered & volume of sales. Crazy? Not really – no-one gets access to each other’s leads & the sales are a “done deal”. But now we can all go into future promotions better prepared – plus we have new & valued peer contact. Who knows where that might eventually go?

Another exhibitor had changed their business model & could no longer serve a part of their Customer base as well their own high standards demanded. So we arranged a “swap” deal that promises to be highly “win-win” for the Customers as well as for both of our companies.

What do YOU have that other exhibitors may be pleased to “swap” you for? Information? Product? Sources of supply? Exhibiting practices & their results? Access to or co-operation with each other’s promotions? We experienced ALL of these but the list is by NO means exhaustive!

“Swaps” are valuable to consider & plan for whenever the opportunities arise. They can occur right through the show. The product frenzy is obviously kept to the end but slow times on the exhibit floor, exhibitor social events & the like are all rich in opportunities.

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