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  • Exhibitor training is the key to successful exhibiting & results measurement at trade shows & consumer shows . Best of Show training seminars, eBooks & DVDs ensure exhibiting success - everywhere!
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  • This is the mother lode! Our growing range of eBooks, DVDs & other products guaranteed to inspire, inform & lift your success at every trade show or consumer show at which you exhibit!
  • Having solid, stated objectives is critical to success at trade shows and consumer shows. It IS the "factor X" that brings all other show aspects together. The eBook, "How to Create your OWN Exhibiting Success: Design Compelling Expo Goals" explores the power of goal setting at exhibitions - and how to DO that too!
  • Pre-show promotion dramatically increases tradeshow booth traffic. Integrating your pre-show marketing with your entire marketing mix enables you to promote your booth year-round by linking ALL of your promotions, year-round, to your exhibiting show schedule. The process is easy, inexpensive & persistent. This eBook explores integrated pre-show promotion & it's special, critical place in your marketing mix.
  • This Exhibitor Training DVD is 51 minutes of ideas & "how to" exhibitor training video information sourced from all over the world. In NTSC & PAL formats. Comes with the soundrack on CD too!
  • See what others say about Best of Show seminars & workshops. Every testimonial was sent to us voluntarily. Quite inspiring reading when you want to know what to expect.
  • Monthly interview with key players in the Exhibition Industry. Exhibitors, Show Organisers, Show Contractors & more. Great information & free (at the moment) through this link.
  • Articles written by Best of Show staff. Exhibiting tips, ideas & the like on aspects to ensure your exhibiting success.
  • What is the effect on when the Show Organizer moves your booth? Why would they DO that? WOULD they do that without telling you? It happened to this exhibitor - here is their story & how it impacted their exhibiting results.
  • We wrote this article for the Feb/March 2011 issue of Australian Dairy Foods Magazine - hence the cool bovine title! The ideas are valuable and pertinent for any show - anywhere - not just in dairy shows.
  • "Swaps" are lots of fun. "Swaps" are where you swap your excess stock for other exhibitor's products that you can use & enjoy. But there is a wider application for "swaps" too - that is VERY good for business! This article explores "swaps" from a new perspective to uncover ongoing exciting business opportunities.
  • Using email to follow up expo leads is not as effective as it might seem. A whopping 60-85% email messages are simply not delivered - no wonder those juicy prospects never convert to Customers! Here are some facts - and some great ideas as to how to combat the problem too!
  • Article summarising a series of exhibiting tips surrounding every commercial organisation's promotional mix. And how they can be used to greatly enhance at-show success. Is a summary of our "Promotional Mix" module. More spilt secrets!
  • Article creating a "check-list" of things to look for to ensure your exhibiting success when wehibiting at trade shows or consumer shows "all over".
  • Article summarising the ultimate keys to exhibiting success. Note - this article is quite well hidden. It's potent!
  • Objectives check-list of 100 reasons you might exhibit. Includes a simple "worksheet" to assist you in this vital determination.
  • Tools such as spreadsheet templates to help you when exhibiting.
  • Various links to show organisers and their individual shows world-wide. This is a valuable tool when you seek to exhibit & don't quite know where to go.
  • Interview with Helen Collier-Kogtevs of Real Wealth Australia. Helen used free Seminar Speaking slots to catapult her to quite spectacular success. This IS a really great "read"!
  • Interview with Lindy Lear of Rocket Property Group. A first time exhibitor that used "Best of Show" ideas to excellent effect when exhibiting at a Property Expo.
  • Interview with Grant Smith, President of Printsmart Graphics. Ideas from Grant on the impact the booth (stand) has in the exhibiting process. Tips & ideas you'll find really helpful.
  • The Sleep Store is a really interesting case study. They are an online company retailing a line of "sleep solutions" primarily for small children. Which of course has a marked effect on parent's quality of life too! To stay close to their Customers & Prospects they exhibit at shows. The marketing mix of "on-line" and "shows" is powerful for them! Hear their story, ideas and experiences in their successful welding of onlline and exhibition marketing!
  • Exhibition infotainer draws crowds & qualifies them at trade shows.
  • Interview with Stuart Livingstone CEO of the Caravan & Camping Association of South Australia. The Association runs two major shows - & BOTH are booked out every year! Stuart shares some of the opportunities most exhibitors miss. And some thoughts on the reason his shows are so extremely successful.
  • Interview with Jo-Anne Kelleway, CEO & owner of Info Salons. Info Salons really IS the face of lead collection technology in Australia. Now Info Salons have offices throughout Asia & the Middle East too! Jo-Anne shares very interesting insights into the technology & it's positive impact on exhibiting success.
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  • Exhibiting eBooks on a range of key topics to assist exhibitors at trade and consumer shows.
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