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Integrated Pre-Show Promotion Will Hugely Increase YOUR Trade Show Booth Traffic!

Promoting your exhibit pre-show is an amazingly effective way to draw buyers tPre-Show Promomotiono your booth.

When you use effective Pre-show Promotion, your Target Audience comes LOOKING for you, ready and pre-programmed to buy! Really! 

Pre-show promotion draws far more focused and interested attendees than clever stand design, a great location or giveaways ever will.

While these can be important, the impact of developing pre-promoted attendees that actively come LOOKING for you simply can’t be beaten!

Promoting your booth before the show insures you against a “bad show” too - even when organizer promotion is deficient.

Because your buyers are coming to the show – to see YOU!

When you use the ideas in this eBook pre-show promotion is...

EASY to do!  It takes VERY LITTLE TIME!  And it costs VERY LITTLE MONEY!

The ideas and information we share will make all of your pre-show promotion easy. REALLY easy! In fact it will be so easy and so quickly done that you’ll actually look forward to setting it up!

It works, every time! At every trade show or consumer show, everywhere too!

It really is that powerful!

Let me share a true story with you right from the eBook…


I vividly recall an incident at a major Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center a few years back.

“It was a pretty normal day. Attendees thronged the aisles on tired feet, glancing at the rows of booths as they surged along the aisles, squinting to see what each exhibitor offered. Occasionally they would stop to pop brochures & “giveaways” into overstuffed show bags. Some left their lead details for later follow-up.

Exhibitors worked at catching eyeballs, handing out brochures, stress balls & sweets. Some were chatting with attendees that stopped for a better look. The show hummed along in the background.

I was chatting with an Australian exhibitor when suddenly a wild-eyed attendee almost sprinted onto the stand announcing loudly “I’ve come all the way from Germany to buy your software!”

Heads turned but it didn’t matter to him. He was animated & focused & determined to do business.

In minutes he was gone again clutching his precious purchase, dealer contract in hand, to see the next exhibitor on his list.

This was Pre-Show Promotion at work in a spectacular way!


Here was the ideal attendee. Focused, determined, efficient & almost sold before he ever arrived at the booth.

This meeting & transaction trumped international boundaries – a German & Australian passively interacting before the show & culminating their transaction at a USA trade show.

The Exhibitor didn't even know he was coming.

In fact they had never communicated one-on-one!

How does that WORK?

This eBook shows exactly how it worked!

Even better we share how to make it work for you every time! At every expo you ever do – everywhere!

In your own town or across the world.Integrated Pre-Show Promotion

  • If you’re employed, your boss will be hugely impressed!
  • If you ARE the boss, you’ll be a legend!
  • Other exhibitors will stare. Because your exhibit will have substantial traffic – even when theirs is dead.

Here’s the secret – and it is incredibly powerful…

Integrated Marketing!

Integrated Marketing leverages ALL of your promotional activities so that you develop highly interested attendees year-round!

Even when you’re not exhibiting, you prime your Target Market.

 "Just a quick email to let you know about the recent success we had implementing what we learned from your courses.

The end result of implementing what we learnt at Best of Show was that we achieved double the leads we normally would get and we have already received more than a 200% return on our investment, despite the current financial crisis & without including a number of good quality leads still in the pipeline!

It really proved to us what a difference a co-ordinated pre  post-expo marketing effort can make to an exhibition.

Thanks for your advice and keep spreading your word!"

Dan O'Donnell
High Tech Laser & Orthomedico Australia, QLD, Australia

So that when you DO exhibit, the pressure to visit you is pent up and simply immense!

That’s what happened with our German attendee.

And that’s what will happen for YOU at every show that you exhibit in!

Research done by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research in Chicago (CEIR) reveals that more than 75% of attendees have “must see lists”. Exhibitors that they simply MUST call on!

This eBook uses that vital fact to huge advantage – and integrates your year-round marketing to create a feeding frenzy of eager buyers.

It shows you just how to get on your Target Market’s lucrative “must see lists”. Attendees that WANT to interact with you!

All done with very little effort or cost. Certainly no last-minute rush just before the show when you already have far too much to do! 


It gets even better! You will turn day-to-day activities into pre-show promotions – activities that used to be simply “office work”! Amazing!

And then there are the side benefits! 

Here are just some…

  • IMPROVE your Return on Investment (ROI) of existing promotions. Not just during the show. When you do the “existing promotion” to lift responses & increase payback.
  • Enthuse staff to work at the show. Yes! Really! When you use the material in this eBook staff will actually look forward to working on your booth!
  • You’ll even enthuse OTHER people to work your stand too!
  • You'll discover BETTER places to advertise – improving your existing advertising spend
  • You'll get your editorial published by editors that never noticed you before!

It's all in the eBook. 35 pages of indepth inspiration and explanation...

And here’s something even MORE amazing.

It works on ALL of your trade shows SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Yes - simultaneously! You set it up and it works away - at ALL of your trade shows and consumer shows no matter where they are! You hardly need to keep track - this system takes cares of that for you!

Get YOUR copy of “Save Time, Cut Costs, Get HUGE Results: Integrate Your Pre-Show Marketing!” NOW!

The whole 35 pages of pure inspiration!

Your Guarantee! Best of Show Guarantee!

Although “Save Time, Cut Costs, Get HUGE Results; Integrate Your Pre-Show Marketing” is ONLY AU$24.95 (about US$19.95), it's risk-free!

Use the information for a full 60 DAYS! 

If you feel you’d like to return the eBook & I'll refund every cent of your investment.


 Order NOW to receive:-


“Save Time, Cut Costs, Get HUGE Results: Integrate Your Pre-Show Marketing!”

When Will You Receive Your eBook?

Integrated Pre-Show MarketingNow!

As soon as you order, your Download Page will appear with easy instructions!

You can be reading "Save Time, Cut Costs, Get HUGE Results: Integrate Your Pre-Show Marketing!" in just a few moments.

Your order will be handled by Australia's eWay so it is extremely secure and very efficient.

So there is just ONE thing you need to do - buy now from this secure eWay link!

For ONLY AU$24.95! (about US$19.95).  Go on! It's a really good idea!

Happy exhibiting!

Colin Green
Colin Green, CTSM
CEO “Best of Show”

PS: I totally promise you - when you use the ideas in this eBook you WILL receive hugely increased returns at every single Trade Show or Consumer show you do. Everywhere!
PPS: And not only will your Trade Show results improve dramatically - so will a large proportion of your existing promotions, formerly not show-related at all!
PPPS: Remember - you just HAVE to win! Or you can return the eBook for a cheerful 100% refund!

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