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Here’s the Elusive “Factor X” to Ensure You Succeed at Every Trade or Consumer Show You Ever Do…

Hi! Colin Green here. I'm the owner of "Best of Show". We provide exhibitor training to trade show and consumer show exhibitors.

What is "factor X" at Trade show and Consumer Shows?

It used to puzzle me why some exhibitors succeed incredibly well at trade and consumer shows - while seemingly similar neighbors do poorly!

Some said it was because of the exhibit stand.

But we often observe exhibitors with impressive, expensive exhibits decimated by scrawny competitors. What is THEIR secret?

Others said it was the Exhibit Staff.

This had real merit - but I observed quite small exhibitors beating rivals with polished staffers. Something else was happening - what WAS it?

Others said it was pre-show promotions.

There was certainly truth here. But not TOTAL truth. This too lacked “factor X”. (What WAS that!!!)

Many blamed the Show Organizers.

But even in shows that seemed to have problems some Exhibitors excelled - regardless it seemed, of the show!  They seemed to be bullet-proof!  How could that BE?

“Factor X” was clearly very powerful.  Further, it bound all other aspects together, making the whole MUCH better than the sum of the parts. 

Very importantly it separated “succeeders” from “non-succeeders”. But what WAS (& IS) that?

Then one day I had an encounter with an exhibitor & lightning struck!

“Factor X” is that highly successful exhibitors set carefully considered Exhibiting Goals, while other exhibitors don’t!

The exhibitor was a coffee supplier.  He was giving away samples of his excellent coffee to Show Attendees.

To make his coffee irresistible he added a healthy dollop of Bailey's Irish Cream!  I stopped for a sample & it was amazing! 

Some hours later I passed his stand & stopped in again.  This time I asked "where can I buy your coffee?" to which he replied "move on please sir!"

I was stunned!  He was seemingly doing so well!  Word had got around & he had a line-up of impatient samplers.  Why didn't he want to tell me where I could buy it!

The answer?  Whatever his initial Objective(s), by the time I returned it had deteriorated to a solid focus on "get rid of the line"!  Simply because THAT was most pressing for him at that moment. 

He did NOT have clear & focussed Exhibiting Objectives.

And it dawned on me that many tired exhibitors are were in very much the same situation...

But could it REALLY be that simple?

I began to observe carefully & to research.  A report from a study commissioned by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research in Chicago - - claimed that less than HALF of exhibitors set Objectives when they exhibit!

At the time I was in a perfect position to test that. My employment entailed working onsite with exhibitors at trade shows & consumer shows worldwide.

So at every show I worked in I watched & listened. And I realized…

  1. It was true! Most exhibitors do NOT have goals beyond that of actually doing the show.
  2. It was universal. I saw it strongly evidenced in the USA, Europe, through Asia & in Australia/New Zealand. 
  3. Objectives bind & enhance every single aspect of exhibiting!  Hence the domino effect on the other “factors”! That made great sense!

And in the process of watching I realized that there was still MORE!

Around 25% of exhibitors that DO have Objectives often forget them in the rush and bustle of the show! Exhibit staff actually lose their Goals on the show floor! So the effect is multiplied & extended!

Well thought-out & appropriate Objectives form a framework onto which every single aspect of the exhibiting project hangs. No wonder Objectives affect so many aspects of the Show!

What RICH opportunities to greatly boost exhibiting results!

I was so excited that I created a seminar which I have now shared with hundreds of delighted exhibitors!

Now I have written a 20 page eBook to share with you…

Exhibiting Objectives

“Design Compelling Expo Goals: Anchor Your Exhibiting Success!”

WHY do so few Exhibitors set Objectives?

  • Setting Objectives is not instinctive to most people. It is to some. But most of us need to work at it & be persuaded & reminded. This is WHY business consultants make so much of “goal setting! It’s doesn’t usually come naturally as most people can guiltily relate!
  • It’s easy to believe that doing the show IS the Objective. But that is not right. The Show RESULTS are our Objective. It’s subtle - but you’ll see the point!
  • Exhibit coordinators & exhibit staff that exhibit at shows tend to be either “creative” or “type A” personalities - & exceptionally busy people too. Neither of these “types” likes restriction. “Setting goals” is considered restrictive (check out “creative personality attributes” & “type A personality attributes” on Google. Interesting reading!)
  • And why do those that HAVE goals forget them on the show floor? That’s examined in the eBook. In essence, an exhibition is a sensory-overloaded environment & we become dulled. So even if we have goals they recede. The statistic in the eBook will astound you! You’ll relate strongly to the true stories shared too!

Just think of your Opportunities!

Lacking Objectives in any business setting is a real problem.

But most “problems” are just cross-dressed opportunities.

This one is simply astounding!

When you determine your exact goals before you exhibit, you gain significant advantages over your competition.

  You can better select exactly the right shows to exhibit in.
You have a solid basis on which to measure your results.
Certainty gives you authority and perceived direction - buyers LIKE that!
Laser-focus saves considerable time & cost.
Staff are confident, positive & know what is expected - ideal attributes on an expo stand!
You have a focussed basis on which to design your stand.

You know exactly how many staff you will need. Not too many or too few!

Message integration greatly increases your stand's “market-magnet” effect.
You save considerably on “stop/start” costs.
You can select laser-focused training! Even if it's "just" for YOU!
You know exactly where & how to place & direct your show promotions

You will have considerable focus for lead follow-up. Most exhibitors never do!

 Knowing & working your Objectives impacts EVERY aspect of exhibiting!

What’s in the eBook?

“Design Compelling Expo Goals” examines all of these aspects in detail:-

How Show Objectives will give YOU the “edge” every time!
How to make Show Goals consistent & supportive to your Organizational Goals.
What your Objectives might be. What can you really achieve? More than most would think!
FIVE easy steps to constructing & ATTAINING your Show Goals!
How to use Objectives to MEASURE your results! By the numbers!
How to even measure intangible goals like “branding"...
How to enthuse every staff member so they believe in your Objectives
How to keep staff "on track" even when they are exhausted!
How to constantly improve at every show you do! Assured results every time!
We share real life exhibiting examples you WILL relate to & learn from!
YOU take control of your OWN Exhibiting Success at every show you do!

While this eBook is brand new, it is based on research & feedback that we distilled into our seminar.

Keishana Coursey owner of “Natural Parenting” in Christchurch, New Zealand wrote:-


“After doing your seminar I set myself what I thought was an impossible sales target. I promised myself that if I got it I would buy a lovely silk coat I have had my eye on and could not afford.

At the show lots of other exhibitors were really unhappy - blamed the organizers for low numbers and poor results.

But we had an amazing show & my lovely new coat is now hanging in my wardrobe!"


Buy this eBook! Base your OWN exhibiting success on it! 

It’s clear, easy to follow, easy to put into effect. It's HUGELY effective!

This is the BASIS to ALL of your exhibition marketing. Most competitors will not be savvy to it. It will take you to new heights. Your results - at every single show you ever do - will be dramatic, immediate and startling!

This eBook will spark ideas & open your eyes as to what you can measurably achieve at shows.

About the eBook

Exhibiting Objectives

There are 20 highly informative, actionable fact-filled pages (not including the cover).

It's highly readable with true stories & facts that will interest & inspire you & your Team..

We have used "dot points" a LOT so you get considerable information with minimal reading.

It's a fantastic reference tool!

It's in PDF format so it will work with Windows - & with Mac!

Your Guarantee!

Best of Show Guarantee!Although “Design Compelling Expo Goals: Anchor Your Exhibiting Success” is ONLY AU$24.95 (about US$19.95), it's risk-free!

Use the information for a full 60 DAYS! 

If you feel you’d like to return the eBook & I'll refund every cent of your investment.

I WOULD appreciate your advice as to "why" - simply so we can make it better! But that's up to you!

Order NOW to receive:-

   “Design Compelling Expo Goals: Anchor Your Exhibiting Success!”

When Will You Receive Your eBook?


Right now!  As soon as you order your eBook will be delivered to you!

You can be reading "Design Compelling Expo Goals: Anchor Your Exhibiting Success!" in just a few moments.

Your payment will be handled securely by one of Australia's most trusted Payment Gateways, eWay so it is extremely secure and very efficient.  We never see your credit card details.

So there is just ONE thing you need to do - buy now from this secure link!

For ONLY AU$24.95! (about US$19.95)  Go on!  It's a really good idea!

Happy exhibiting!

Colin Green
Colin Green, CTSM
CEO “Best of Show”

PS: When you use this information you WILL be blown away at your results at every show you ever do - anywhere!

PPS: This it's just the beginning! It's the base. It will give you an impressive foundation, instant results & a remarkable key to even MORE!  We will share more with you (if you want us to - not if you don't) but this foundation is critical! Grab it now! 

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