Successful Exhibiting Training Seminars


Who Benefits?

Every exhibitor benefits from training.

Look at our "Testimonials" page. Consider just who some of these people ARE that benefited from exhibition training.

  • New exhibitors - in small & large organisations
  • Highly experienced exhibitors - in large & small organisations
  • Show Organisers - International, Australian & New Zealand
  • Association conveners
  • Government Departments & Services...

Exhibiting at Trade Shows & Consumer Shows is a learnable art. As with any art, talent helps. However, EVERYONE can be highly successful!

Especially YOU. Because you seek to improve - it's why you're reading now!

I achieved a 5000% increase on last year’s expo results.

In addition to this, as you suggested I did not run a competition this year yet I increased my database through people signing up to my newsletter by 300% on last year.

Plus, (yes, it keeps getting better)…I also obtained a 500% increase on warm to very hot leads for my mentoring programs".

Helen Collier-Kogtevs
Real Wealth Australia 



Booth Staff

Staff are the personal "face" to your visitors. Their performance is critical to your success.

Stand (booth) Staff hugely benefit.

Marketing Staff

Marketing staff are key to your success.  How can they increase tradeshow booth traffic? What promotions should there be pre-show?  Where should the stand be located?  What must be ON it? What must NOT be on it?  What collateral (brochures etc) are needed?  What premiums (giveaways) are needed? 

Marketing staff benefit massively!


Where must scarce resources - financial & others - be directed? 

Where does one obtain best "bang for the buck"?  What should you expect?  What ARE the keys to exhibiting success? 

Exceptionally senior Management have attended Best of Show training - & then directed that key staff must attend too.

Management comes to scope possibilities to direct their organisations.  Small companies. Large organisations. Decision makers at all levels.

Management benefit more than anyone.  They share the vision.  They make things happen. 

Show Organisers

Many show organisers have attended our Seminars - & invited us to speak at in-house meetings of their staff - or to train their Exhibitors too.

They come to see new angles & ideas.  To experience from the Exhibitors viewpoint.  And from the Buyer's viewpoint too.  Our closest Organiser relationships have been forged when senior Organiser Management have experienced the slew of ideas at our seminars - & then unleashed us on their Exhibitors & Staff.

Show Organisers benefit richly!

Small Exhibitors

Success is especially vital to small Exhibitors.  Money & time are critical - there is never enough.  Exhibition training shortcuts the learning process - it almost always cuts literally years off the "learning curve" saving many thousands of dollars.

Small Exhibitors benefit more than anyone - it's personal!

Large Exhibitors

Some large Exhibitors don't benefit at all.  For them, it's an attitude thing.

Others become corporate heroes directing industry-beating exhibition participation.  These heros spot & grab the effective sponsorships.  They snare the most valuable speaking slots.  They win the most prominent editorial positions.

Their staff are amazingly effective.  Their competitors are rabidly jealous.  

Really GOOD Large Exhibitors benefit to an envious degree. 

And that's personal too...

If You Exhibit...

...& REALLY want to improve, you'll benefit hugely from exhibition training 

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