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This Exhibitor Training DVD Will Show You How to Attract Your Perfect Audience, be Highly Persuasive, Make Great Sales & be Vividly Remembered... every Trade Show or Consumer Show you exhibit at - Everywhere!

Put text in hereHi! Colin Green here, owner of Best of Show. I wrote this exhibitor training DVD.

Is there a magic bullet to ensure that you succeed at every trade show or consumer show you exhibit at? Everywhere?

The answer is a resounding YES! And it has little to do with extravagant spending on trade show displays or on excessive show advertising. Nor on securing the "best location" on the trade show or consumer show floor. 

These aspects are frequently emphasized by stand builders and show management to induce exhibitors to spend on an "impressive trade show display booth" or to book urgently.

There are far more important - and less expensive - aspects to achieving your show objectives - all easily learned & applied with exhibitor training!

Let me explain...

Some years ago I was working at a tradeshow in Las Vegas. My job was to recruit exhibitors for a range of Expos world-wide. I often accompanied exhibitors, taking care of their day-to-day interests.

On this particular day I watched two almost identical exhibitors face each other across the aisle. They shared the same audience, had similar products, identically sized exhibit stands and both were Australian. Yet even as I watched, they were generating VERY different results!

When the show ended five days later, one returned home with almost nothing - few sales, few leads... Angry and blaming Show Management for their plight.

The other won the coveted "Best of Show" award, signed up a multimillion "venture capital" agreement and exploded their sales worldwide! They enjoyed huge success!

Both exhibitors came from almost exactly the same "starting position" - yet in the mere five days of the show - one was sobbing. The other was hugely successful with substantial and accelerating momentum!

Here's how Our Winner did it...
- and how YOU can too!

"We have had amazing
success off the back of
our trade show in Las
Vegas in Jan. We now
have 2 new distributors
covering the whole of
the USA as a result.
We have been working
very hard on our post
show work this year
and it certainly paid off!
We are about to double
our turnover on last year!
And of course we are
excited as we are heading
off to Vegas in January
again and Germany in April!"

Jarka Kluth,
King Concepts Australia


"Our exhibit at the Business and Franchising Expo in
Brisbane was a raging
success. Many thanks
to your "Best of Show"
seminar. Our editorial in the
Courier Mail was the very
first article published in the
lift-out about the show and
we received positive
enquiries and contacts
because of it. I now
understand the importance
of pre-show advertising"

Ray Richardson
Managing Associate
Global Gold Associates


"One of the best one-day
courses I have attended.
I consider myself to be
experienced in trade fairs
and am happy to
acknowledge that I picked
up some very valuable
and useful tips"

Simon Fawkes
Managing Director
Business to Markets Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand
ex New Zealand Trade Commissioner
NZ Trade & Enterprise
Hamburg, Germany


"I would like to thank you
for a fantastic seminar. I
had a wonderful day and
I found you a true delight
to both speak with and
listen to. Your enthusiasm
and knowledge are an
enviable commodity and
I hope that they continue
to bring you success in
all of your chosen ventures"

Johanna Hicks
Sales Manager, Pronamics

They methodically followed the Essential Dot Points to Exhibiting Success...

When you follow the Essential Dot Points now outlined in this exhibiting DVD, success will come. It always comes...

Here is how it works...

While shows are "different" between industries, show types ("trade shows" and "consumer shows"), show management and countries, there is a solid core of "sameness" which you can discover and apply to ANY show. A show-focused Pareto's Principle - an "80/20 rule". A set of Essential Dot Points... A checklist...

Highly successful exhibitors - like our "winner" in Las Vegas - know exactly what those Essential Dot Points are. And how to focus them on their own desired outcomes. The Essential Dot Points can be polished and replicated at EVERY show you ever do!

Once the "Dot Points" are understood and applied, 80% of the planning and also much of the implementation - for every show, is done.

Yes - you read that correctly. Implementation is an achieved by-product! You win huge savings in planning, time, effort and investment.

And achieve considerably enhanced results too!

It gets better.

Much of the remaining 20% has a high degree of "sameness" between many shows too. And having "got started" you're on a roll - the project simply flows along. Success generates success...

It's a system that works every time. A framework - and it's flexible enough to enable exhibitors - like you - to tweak and improve.

In fact it gets downright addictive! Repeated high success does that to people!

That is EXACTLY what our winners did. And so can you - it's on this exhibting DVD! Their whole approach was calculated, deliberate and rehearsed and their results were no accident!

To be highly successful - focus on that sameness.

Know the Essential Dot Points. Hone them, feed them, rehearse them automatically at every show. Strive to do ever better.

And win - every time!

Development of The Essential Dot Points...

That day in Las Vegas was a turn-around moment. It was abundantly clear that "something" determined high success or miserable desperation at exhibitions.

For four years I discussed it with a lot of people and absorbed their ideas. Many exhibition professionals contributed their thoughts and experiences. Seasoned Exhibitors, new Exhibitors, Show Management, University Professionals, Training Professionals, Show Contractors, Trade Show exhibit builders, Show Buyers, Government Officials and more...

I continued to travel to shows worldwide and used the opportunity to test and observe the ideas and lessons in many countries. The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, India and China - to name just a few.

As the information accumulated I shared it with hundreds of hands-on exhibitors in classes, workshops and seminars. These people too shared their feedback, thoughts and ideas - many of their thoughts were brilliant! Thus the framework and detail of the Essential Dot Points grew to a fierce and valuable resource.

It was a feeding frenzy of ideas - and Exhibitors reported spectacular results!

NEW! The Essential Dot Points on DVD!

Here's the quick fix!

"The Essential Dot Points to Successfully Exhibiting - Everywhere" is now on DVD!  A NEW exhibitor training video!

51 minutes of encouragement, inspiration and solid, sensible, down-to-earth ideas and tips. That have worked and continue to work for exhibitors world-wide! Tradeshow training on steroids!

Your copy is just a mouse click away! You too can be the dazzling winner at your next - and EVERY trade show or consumer show you ever do - anywhere!

Essential Dot Points of Successful ExhibitingYou'll be inspired by others that position themselves to win - many on a financial shoe-string!

Shot on location in many shows around the world you will see for yourself dreadful examples of exhibitors repelling their Target Markets. "What not to do" examples...

The "Essential Dot Points" DVD will guide you and your Team.

View it in your office, in your home – even on your exhibit stand before you open for business at your next trade show or consumer show!

Review as you plan your next show. Be sure that you have everything "just right" way before you commit your funds and time!

Join us as together we...

  • Review how you can most successfully use Exhibitions. Selling, branding, product launches, market research, Customer education, Target Market education, international market research and much MORE!
  • Discuss the critical distinctions between Trade fairs and Consumer fairs (shows) and how this affects your approach to booth design, staffing and objective setting...
  • Review your Objectives and discover that less than half of Exhibitors even have appropriate Objectives!
  • Identify your Target Market and how to be sure they are at your Show before you book...
  • Share highly effective budget bending techniques
  • Develop methods to pull your Target Market to you - before the show opens!
  • Reveal how your show promotions can supercharge ALL of your promotions!
  • Reveal how to use your exhibit to win ongoing media editorial attention
  • Draw your Target Market to your stand ("booth" if you're American!)
  • Consider the huge competitive advantage deliberate show-focused customer service will bring you
  • Discover something better than the "best spot" at every show
  • Make your tradeshow exhibit or consumer show exhibit, irresistible to your Market
  • Make your staff irresistible to your Target Market with simple, effective sales training
  • Share what to say when approaching visitors to reveal if they are your Target Market
  • How to use brochures and giveaways for your best results
  • Collect the most profitable sales leads - and shun the rest!
  • Follow every single sales lead up - before your competitors even blink!
  • Use your success to catapult you to ever higher successes at every show!
  • And that is just the start!

"We review the "Dot Points" DVD prior to exhibiting - not just the first time but EVERY time!

It really puts us in the zone and ensures that we remember all of the tiny bits that differentiate between attendance and success.

Thanks again for a great product!"

Keishana Coursey
Natural Parenting NZ
Christchurch, NZ

Here's a Bonus for you!

Exhibitor training audio CD

Order your DVD now and we'll include the DVD sound track on an audio CD!

  • Review as you drive!
  • Download to your i-Pod
  • Review as you walk or jog
  • Or set up your exhibit!
  • Share with your staff

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

You WILL be delighted with "The Essential Dot Points to Successfully Exhibiting - Everywhere!"

Look at what you GET! For just AU$99.95 (about US$85.00)you get the keys to unlimited success at every trade or consumer show you ever do! 3 star accommodation at the show costs more - every night!

But let's be certain... If you are not 100% delighted with your exhibitor training DVD and CD return them to us and we'll refund your investment. You even have a full 60 days to decide!

Order Your Copy Now!

"What a cracker! Very much enjoyed it! Perfect for the "new timers"to tell them the truth and us "old timers" to remind us what we should have remembered!"

Martin Rose
CEO Hydrodog Australia

Order today to receive your great audio CD bonus!

AND our special price offer - valid only while this batch of stock lasts!

View anywhere - no Zone restrictions

PAL or NTSC - we'll mail you the correct version - today!

Just AU$99.95 plus postage!

You have a CHOICE of payment methods!  ALL are totally secure! 

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