Successful Exhibiting Training Seminars


Exhibitor Training Webinars

Best of Show conducts exhibitor training using a number of training methods. One of these is by webinar.

A "Webinar" is a "Web Seminar". It's a seminar delivered on the Internet which means that you can "attend" it anywhere you can connect online.

Office • Home • Your boat • Airport lounge
Your motel room just before your next show!

Just sit back and watch & learn with a live presentation on your owGoToWebinar questionn computer.

We use PowerPoint & other presentation tools - just watch & listen!  And when you have a question just type it into the question box or "raise your hand".

Oh yes - we see it all at our end & respond right back to you! 

No-one else (except us) can see what you say or do unless we "open up" the audio so all can chat. Then it's spookily like being in the same room as lots of others to share thoughts, experiences & ideas! 

We use almost the same materials for our webinars as we do for our seminars.

Same PowerPoint slides, same spoken words, same presenters. You miss nothing! Well - sorry. No cakes and sandwiches...

So, how do you get into a Best of Show webinar? It's really easy!

Sign up • Log on when we run the webinar (we'll send you instructions) • Join the Webinar!

Really! It really IS that easy!

The steps are:-

  1. Select the session you'd like to do from the Webinar page 
  2. Sign up by following the information & links. Easy!
  3. We'll send you three emails. The first is almost instant & confirms that you're "in". The second, soon after contains the web address (URL) to link onto plus codes to let you log on. Also easy! The final one is just before the webinar starts - just to remind you!
  4. On the day/time of the webinar simply follow the instructions to participate!

We currently use the Citrix GoToWebinar® system. If you're interested in the "workings" follow that link. But DO come back!

What will you need?

  1. A Windows or Mac computer. Almost any computer is fine!
  2. An Internet connection. Broadband or better is preferred. High speed wireless should be great too!
  3. A way to hear audio. Could be speakers on your computer, earphones or headset (USB is best). We will ALSO give you an Australian & a New Zealand phone number to call into where the audio will be available. Other countries available if you ask us! You will NOT need this telephone access if you can hear sound on your computer. 
  4. In some webinars you will be able to participate by voice & then a microphone for your computer or telephone connection IS needed.

Go on - do it! If you have any problems call us in Sydney at (02)9589-2000 or if you're in New Zealand, Wellington (04)570-2000.

But you won't have a problem!

See you in the Webinar!

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